Conjunctions are linking words – and, but, so, because, if.  These words start to be used by children after the age of 3 years and are crucial to retelling stories and events.  Here are some examples of books with practice of these words.  Go here for simple sequences with ‘and / then’.



Dear Zoo.  A book in its 25th year of publication!  A little boy wants a pet but the zoo keeps sending him giraffes and elephants.  On each page is an opportunity to say ‘but it was too…..’.    You can also focus on ‘so’ – ‘so I sent it back!’  The repetitive nature of this book is great for learning.

Target example – “The zoo sent me a camel but it was too grumpy”.  

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Mr Gumpy’s Outing.   In this classic tale, Mr Gumpy goes for a sail on his boat accompanied by children and animals.  Each animal asks if he can get on the boat and Mr Gumpy answers ‘Yes but …” and outlines a rule for that animal.  The predictable nature of this book is great for learning ‘but.’

Target example – ” Yes but don’t hop”.

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 Handa’s Surprise.  Handa carries a basket of fruit on her head to give to her friend.  As she walks there, the jungle animals take the fruit unbeknownst to her!  At each page, your child can say ‘but she didn’t see’.   Finally she has no fruit left but a goat bumps an orange tree which empties into her hat!

Target example – “The giraffe took the pineapple but she didn’t see”.

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The Very Busy Spider.   A spider spins her web all day.  One by one the farm animals ask her to play but she is too busy until she catches a fly.  An easy sequence with the same ending on every page that the spider did not answer them.

Target example – ‘The cow mooed but the spider didn’t answer.’

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Mouse is small.  This is a cut out board book.  It starts with  a picture of a mouse ‘A mouse is small but’ and the next page is a turtle ‘A turtle is bigger but’ . Another five animals follow getting bigger and bigger ending with the elephant.   Before each page is turned your child can be helped with ‘A mouse is small but…’

Target example – ‘A mouse is small but a turtle is bigger.’

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Wake Up Bear.  A bear is sleeping in a cave and a procession of animals try to wake him up but to no avail.  Each animal says its animal sound (eg roar) but the bear keeps on sleeping.  At the end a buzzy bee wakes him and he yells Honey!

Target example – The lion roared but he didn’t wake up!




Stay tuned for more conjunctions!

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