This list includes books with buttons, touch & feel pieces, puppet gloves and rag books for young children who are getting used to book sharing and need a bit more to keep attention on task.

9781409524540Noisy Farm has 10 buttons to push on the side of the book.  Each button has an animal sound which is great for listening to or copying!

Speech Goal – listening &/or copying animal sounds

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My First Series – Touch & Feel Cards.  There are a few different boxes of cards in this series – Animals, First Words, Things That Go, Farm and Colours.  Each box has some large, durable cards with clear photos.  (One photo per card).  There is a texture or shiny piece on each card.

Speech Goal – listening & /or copying vehicle sounds.

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9780756619718 My First Farm- Touch and Feel Cards.  The Farm box again has one large photo per card.  Lots of farm noises to make and feel a different texture.

Speech Goal – animal noises, car noises.

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downloadSplish, Splash.  This bathtime book has lots of squishy and squeezy textures to feel including pieces of sponge, towel and other bathtime items.  Great for some basic vocabulary building too.

Speech Goals – feel and listen to labelled pages.

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old mcdonald mitOld MacDonald.  This is a really engaging novelty book!  The traditional nursery rhyme book with words and pictures is attached to a gloved puppet.  Children love to watch the piggies move up and down with your fingers.  You can make pig noises and tickle noises as you do the rhyme.

Speech Goal – anticipate tickle, join in actions.

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 Baby Faces.  This series of Indestructibles are a chew proof, rip proof and 100% washable style of pages.  You can even put them in the dishwasher!  Great for babies or toddlers who like to chew or bite things.  Each page has a simple picture of a baby making a face which can be copied or labelled with a single word.  Yum, yuk, silly!  There are also other books in this series like Baby Babble which has some first word vocabulary – apple, puppy etc.

Speech Goal – copy baby face.

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download (1)Wiggle your Toes.  This is a great book for teaching body parts.  It has lots of textures to feel and flaps to lift.  Some woollen ‘hair’ can be pulled at.

Speech Goal – listening & / or pointing to body part names.

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The Pop-Up Peekaboo series has sturdy flaps which lift up out of the book.  In Meow! there are different animals ‘hiding’ which then pop out when the flap is lifted.  A cat pops out of the basket at the end.

 Speech Goals – animal sounds

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Tails  is a cute board book with different pieces of material for each animal tail.  There are some lift the flaps and different animal tails to pull.  There is even a scratch and sniff tail!

Speech Goals – animal sounds

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Squishy turtle.  This cloth book has different sea animals on each page.  The pages are soft cloth and there are some textures to feel on each animal.

 Speech Goals – listening and feeling different animals.

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puppy palsPuppy PalsThis is a soft touch and feel book (machine washable).  Each animal has a texture to feel.  The whole book has a crinkly sound to it when the pages are turned.  Great for feeling, pulling and listening to animal noises.

Speech Goal – listening / saying animal names

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Happy Reading!





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