This list is the next step after your child has acquired lots of single words.  The goal is to join words together into phrases.  Many toddlers start off with 2 words together.  These books have lots of repetition and opportunity to practice 2 words together.

Types of phrases that toddlers might say –  ‘my car’     ‘daddy shirt’     ‘dirty socks’    ‘banana gone’     ‘more drink’

Pants.  This delightful, colourful book is suited to 2-4 year olds.  On each page is a different person or animal wearing underpants!  Of course, they are silly and most children like to talk about pants!  There are camels with pants on the hump, zebras with pants on the head and so on….

Phrases to Try – zebra pants,  girl pants, spotty pants, big pants.

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9780230757493Oh Dear!  This is a lift the flap book for toddlers.  A little boy on a farm is out collecting the eggs.  He looks in the stable, the pig pen, dog’s kennel etc before he finally finds them in the hen house.  On each page, as your toddler lifts the flap he can say ‘no eggs’.

Phrases t0 Try  – no eggs,  eggs gone.

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thats not my tractor That’s Not my Tractor.  The whole ‘That’s not my …’ series is ideal for this stage of phrase development.  There are many types of these tactile books available for preschoolers and you can choose your child’s favourite topic.  Fairies, cars, puppies etc are all in the series.   In this book – ‘That’s not my tractor’ – your toddler can look at the picture on each page and either describe the tractor or say ‘not mine’ until the final page.

Phrases to Try – not mine, rough trailer, smooth funnel, squashy wheels, scratchy seat, shiny lights.

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9780230753099Fox’s Socks.  Again a series of books with a similar theme by Julia Donaldson.  This is a lift the flap book where fox is looking for his socks everywhere in the house until he finds them on the last page.  As your child turns the page, he can say ‘no socks’ .  The fox finds other clothing items as he searches so this is also an opportunity to say ‘found a shoe / tie’  etc.

Phrases to Try –  no socks,  found a shirt, fox’s tie, fox’s hat, one sock.

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spots easterSpot’s First Easter.  The Spot series is popular with toddlers and preschoolers.  These lift the flap books also tend to work well for using phrases.  In this book, Spot is on an Easter egg hunt in the garden.  On each page, Spot looks for the eggs under pots, flowers, in the shed etc.  Your child can either say ‘no eggs’ or ‘found it!’  There are also some other descriptions for each page.

Phrases to Try – no eggs, found it!  it’s a mouse, it’s a cat!

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where is maisyWhere is Maisy?  Maisy playing hide and seek.  We need to look for her!  On each page is a flap to open to see if Maisy is hiding there.  Most pages have a door to look behind, which is great for practicing ‘open door’  &  ‘close door’.  Also your child can practice ‘Where’s Maisy?’ on each page.

Phrases to Try – open door,   close door,  Where’s Maisy?,  Maisy’s gone.

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big littleBig Little.  This board book teaches the concept of size.  On each page spread a baby is looking at something that is big and then on the opposite page there is something little.  The contrast is shown on each page with line drawings that are big and easy to see.

Phrases to Try – big head, little toes, big elephant, little mouse, big truck, little bike.

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where green sheepWhere is the Green Sheep?  Such a lovely repetitive book which is a traditional favourite.  On each page, you can look at all the different sheep as you look for the green one.  There are a multitude of sheep and so lots of descriptions here for your child to use to label the sheep.

Phrases to Try – green sheep, red sheep, thin sheep, fat sheep.

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Happy Reading!

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